Small And Big

Small and big are probably an illusion. A dwarf is no less of a person than a regular sized human. Yet, they have smaller brains. Absolute size doesn't seem to matter. However, we know that both brains are made of perfectly equally sized atoms. You can't get to 'scale independent brains' considering this fact. This 'multi-nature' of nature where the details tell one story while the big picture tells another is either an inherent feature of reality or human cognition.

Psychosis Recovery

Psychosis recovery is slow, long and exhausting. A day is like a year, and a year is like a day. But if you stick to your meds and are a little lucky, then every new day is gonna be the best you have felt since it all started.

Predicting Web Design Trends in 2017

Predictions for webdesign trends that will dominate in 2017 are starting to arise on the web. In this article, I give you my take on that.

I see the following two aspects of design becoming a trend in 2017.

1. Flat design rules broken upon interaction

For example, a flat button turning non-flat upon hover.

Designers will need to know how to do this in a smart way, so that users enjoy the interaction effects without losing the flat look and feel.

2. Colors used to signify functionality and not styling

Color is a big part of styling. With minimalistic principles becoming more and more popular, less and less colors are being used to style a particular design. With this taken to an extreme, colors will be decidedly pushed out more and more from styling and exist when they can be functional.

For example, a form submit button changing color from red to green as the form data becomes valid. Important warning boxes can have a reddish background. And so on.

Of course, you can't eliminate colors entirely from styling, but the way designers think of them will change: They are more about managing the users' attention and expectations than about beauty.

What do you think?
Please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

Simple Cordova Plugin

I've made a very simple Cordova plugin to check if "mock locations" are enabled on Android devices.

window.plugins.cml.check(function (enabled) {  
  if (enabled) {
    console.log("Mock locations is enabled!");
  } else {
    console.log("Mock locations is disabled!");

Code on github.