ChatGPT’s Personality Type

Does ChatGPT have a personality type? If so, how can one find out? And what would ChatGPT’s personality type be?

Bored after 3 AM, having finished working on my new business for the day, I wondered. So, I gave ChatGPT a free online personality test.

This test is — in my opinion — the best free online MBTI test.

For each question on the test, I would copy it and ask ChatGPT to answer, then go back to the test and record that answer, until all 44 questions were answered and a result was given.

So, this is how it went. And this was the result, which I also mentioned to ChatGPT at the end to get its reaction.

After the first question, I asked ChatGPT to clarify a little so I can make sure it understood the task and was answering for itself — it did! At a few other points I did the same again, just to make sure. It’s interesting how consistent ChatGPT was on certain aspects of its “personality” — although (and as the results show) it had the least consistency on the T/F dimension. It was also fun and interesting to hear ChatGPT explain its preferences, almost complain about user behavior, or even struggle/hesitate to answer one question!

For the record (and if previous links which I have no control over stop working in the future), I will state the results here:

Your friend's personality type is: ISTJ. Responsible, punctual, and thorough, you are temperamentally well-suited for long-term planning and execution. You like to familiarize yourself with the facts and think things through, and you tend to shake your head at people who neglect the importance of committing properly to a goal. Once committed, you tend to find it easy to muster the discipline and patience required to stay the course, even in the face of distractions that would make others change directions or abandon the endeavor. You tend to come across as serious and you are generally not one to wear your heart on your sleeve. But as those closest to you have probably seen, you also have a sentimental streak and a wry sense of humor underneath the stern facade. Because you are so diligent in approaching your projects, you may at times be caught off guard by sudden changes which arise in a flash and which are hard to guard against. Steady and purposeful, and endowed with a good deal of common sense, you exhibit an enviable thoroughness and attention to detail that makes you well-suited to taking on long-term commitments and leading them to triumph by way of the sure and steady approach.

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