Why Aliens Won't Visit Earth

It is a question many wonder if aliens exist at all or whether they would visit us if they did.

With no factual knowledge about any alien lifeforms and/or civilizations, we human beings are left with speculation on such matters.

These speculations can often have a human element making them less applicable on the universal level. This human element is undesirable and - at least in the basic level - a flaw in the argument being made. An example of such an assumption is that because we breath, then aliens must also breath.

But we often fail to realize that we ourselves are aliens – not aliens to ourselves, of course, but to all other, unearthly life. In this regard, it is possible to study alien life by studying ourselves, as an example or a case study, and as long as we can bet on the assumption of alien life being similar to our own.

Saturn orbiting the Sun

Instead of answering the original question, then, we could ask the following question: Would we ever visit alien civilizations? The answer, I argue, is no.

Consider why in the first place would we embark on space trips generally. It would be a very interesting project to send a spaceship to the moons of Saturn to study their geology more closely. At the same time, it would be a huge waste of effort, money and resources to send that same ship to study their orbits. Because we understand and can simulate gravity from here on earth, we do not need to go physically to the moons of Saturn. In fact, we do not need to go physically anywhere in the universe to study its gravity, no matter how close or far it is.

Yet, according to the universe, there is no special property of gravity that makes it more deterministic than geology, which means that the limitation is in human knowledge rather than the phenomena itself.

While we don't know how to do it today, one day we will be able to compute the geology of a planet overtime just as we are able to compute its orbit today.

Imagining a sophisticated civilization (earthly or alien), they will not only have the capacity to simulate geology but also evolution and biology. And given that a simulation of a visit is such as good as a real visit while at the same time sparing much resources (especially time, given the limit of the speed of light), such a civilization would never need to visit another life form.

This is not universally true. In case you are traveling to gather resources, a simulation is not enough. But to study other life forms, it then applies.

But as long as we can bet on this scenario, aliens will not need to visit us but instead would simulate us on their computers and will simulate themselves visiting us too, if they so wish.

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