Everything happens for a reason, and money does grow on trees

Contrary to what you might have been told before, money does actually grow on trees; and I know it's true because I read it on the internet. However, trees are kinda cheap, so it is not a lot of money. Now, you might think something like a diamond (which curiously turns out to be made of the same stuff as trees) is a lot of money. But wait until trees get scarce, then your diamonds will become cheaper than trees.

In that situation, where food is unavailable and everyone is hungry, you might consider eating money paper directly without the hassle of trading it for actual food. After all, paper does come from trees (further evidence for our theory. However, you probably wouldn't like the taste, and it would be a health hazard, so just do the trading. Did I also mention it can be illegal?

Now, if you're smart like me, you would say that the best position to be in in that situation is to be a tree grower, and start accepting payments in diamond. Unfortunately, me and you are not the only smart guys in town, so the diamond we collect will have to be split between us. On the other hand, since enough of us are smart, soon there will be food for everyone again, and you will have to look for diamonds elsewhere.

It seems that staying alive is the most pressing need; and you need to learn that to understand your next move. Perhaps you will become a firefighter and expect a huge paycheck. But, as you'll find out, this is not true. However, you notice doctors operating on the same principle, yet they do get fat paychecks. It then strikes you; you're a smart guy, and you should spend more time with guys as smart as you are.

This turns out to be the reason your parents tell you to go to med school, and also why they are wrong, because you never really cared for med school.

So quit your firefighter job and go to med school, or not, but whatever you do, always remember: everything happens for a reason, and money does grow on trees.

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