Energy grows on trees: illuminaty conspiracy uncovered

That's right, the Illuminati got no chance this time. If you think a so called "powerplant" makes your electricity, think again. They just want you to pay for ever-increasing electricity and fuel prices, and we have to stop them.

It is no secret that the sun is the origin of all energy on earth, and the sun is free, so how can anyone charge you anything for just the sun? Do they own the sun? Apparently, here in Jordan, they believe so: There is a solar panel tax if you set up one on your roof. Sheer robbery.

But not only solar power. What makes the wind blow? Isn't it the sun? What makes rivers and waterfalls move? Isn't it the sun causing rain? In winter, rivers are full, in summer, where there is no rain, the rivers are dry.

So why do we put up with this? It's all because of the lies. One of which is that fuel supply is limited. Huh! How do you think fuel and coal exist in the first place? Trees. For millions of years, trees absorbed the energy from the sun through their leaves, and then got buried under earth. Earth then concentrates that energy into coal or petroleum, but it is still literally just energy that grew on trees -- and they want to charge you for it!

For solar, wind, etc, the only part that is missing is time to concentrate the energy, so it needs to be spent immediately, or almost immediately. That time though can be compensated for through politics, activism, and voting the right people into office. It is simply a disgrace that the people have no say and cannot solve the real problems behind the energy crisis.

Here are more points further proving my theory: if petroleum is just 'concentrated sun', preserved in the shadows inside earth's crust, then what happens when you release that energy? It will be like adding sun to the sun, and you wouldn't want that if you live somewhere hot, because it gets even warmer.

So we can't trust the sun anymore, so we better find an alternative. Fortunately, we have, but, unfortunately, the Illuminati republicans headed by Lizard Trump keep telling us that the alternative is "unsafe". Obviously these people just can't get enough money.

You know what I am talking about. Nuclear energy, the only true form of energy on earth that is not dependant on the sun, and they want to take that from us too: The real secrets of nuclear energy are not disclosed to the public, since Einstein, who unlocked it for the first time a hundred years ago, was himself part of the illuminaty.

Energy grows on trees, because trees are the best solar panels around, and petroleum is the best battery in the world, and no lithium or politician is going to compensate for millions of years of craftsmanship of the first order; that of nature.

Except perhaps for that of a scientist: hands crossed.

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